Crate washers for euro-crates

Crate washers for euro-crates 1 and 2 are available for washing capacities from 200 up to 2500 crates/h and in different configurations depending on the quantity of crates to be processed. The equipment can be offered as a two-lane system for high capacities, i. e. either of the lanes can be operated individually. Low water consumption is guaranteed. The consumption rate of 1.2 l of water per crate does not only cut water costs, but also the expenses for energy, cleaning agent and sewage. Excellent, biocompatible washing results are achieved owing to the advanced washing technology applied.

Depending on the required washing capacity and the demands of the customer it is possible to create a crate washing line by adding an integrated drying module or a crate dryer and a crate conveyor to link the dryer to the crate washing machine. Furthermore, it is possible to place a label remover (a module or an individual machine) upstream the crate washing system and to add a conveyor to link this machine to the washing line. This configuration will optimize cleaning and cut water, energy, sewage and labour costs.

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